Each year, the Richard T. Fields Bar Association Foundation awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to:

1) graduating seniors entering into a four year university; 2) students attending law schools and 3) students entering into law school as a 1L.  


The scholarships are awarded at the Richard T. Fields Bar Association's annual gala in July.  The scholarship packet will be available online in April 2020.  Information regarding the deadline to submit the application will be on the application form.


Last year, the Foundation awarded $7500.00 in scholarships.

The Foundation's goal for the 2019-2020 year is to award a minimum of $15,000 in scholarships to deserving students.

The criteria to be considered for a scholarship is as follows:


1) Fill out the application before the deadline listed on the application form;


2) Provide proof of enrollment or an acceptance letter to a law school or to a four year university;


3)  Demonstrate a proven track record of community service in under-represented communities;


4) Provide three essays on topics provided in the scholarship application;


5)  Provide recommendation letter from a teacher or a professor;


6) Provide a recommendation letter from a person outlining your commitment to community service in under-represented communities.


A personal interview may be required.



If you have any questions about scholarships or would like to be a sponsor,

please contact President Shauna Albright-Austin at

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